Values & Aims

Green Beets Kitchen launched out of a love for experimenting with, and harnessing, the power of plants to create new and exciting products for wholesale, retail and catering. Proudly based in Yorkshire, we have been honing our culinary wizardry for many years. And now, as you read this, you are a part of our ongoing story.

We launched in January 2020 as a supplier of sandwich fillers directly to the food industry, but we are evolving and adapting in this chaotic climate. Our story has taken a new twist and now, as well as supplying wholesale to other food outlets, we are selling our products directly to you online, delivered directly to your door step. I know! Whether you’re looking for wholesale or retail, sign up for an account today to order!

Why do we do what we do, you ask? Well, before launching as a business, our roots can be found in giving free (yes, free!) food away on the streets of Leeds as a way of showcasing how enriching and exciting the journey of plant-based eating really is! And, don’t get us wrong, we still do this… but the bills need paying as well!

Now, we believe that the core values of a business should embody the changes it wants to see in the world. At Green Beets Kitchen, we always have the future in mind. It is important to us that everything we do reflects these values if we are to create an honest, sustainable future.

As well as our passion for plant-based creations, we feel strongly about fighting climate change with diet change. A climate change report commissioned by the UN, published in August 2019 by the IPCC, highlighted the strong connection between our food choices and climate, and how moving to a more plant-based diet can significantly lower our carbon footprint. Furthermore, a study on the environmental impact of food published in the Science journal in 2018 assessed that the biggest impact consumers can have on environmental damage is to adopt a plant-based diet.

We also feel strongly about health and the tangible affects a change in diet can have on us. The leading cause of death globally is heart disease. The biggest risk factor for this is dietary cholesterol and raised LDL levels. To put it into perspective, heart disease is the cause of nearly 10 million deaths annually since 2016. That is massive. Removing cholesterol from our diet would drastically reduce the amount of people killed every single year from heart disease.

Our products are free from animal products, meaning that they are naturally cholesterol free!

Our long term aim is to invest as much as we can in education to help teach others the power of plants. From running educational workshops through to getting involved with sponsorships and schemes, we want to utilise our knowledge and expertise in as many ways as we possibly can! And this is where you can help us out… If you can support us through enjoying our wonderful products, you can grow with us and aid us in fulfilling our long term goals! It is fantastic to provide products for you, but what we’d also love to see is a seismic improvement in food education.

With the demand for plant-based alternatives increasing exponentially, why not get in touch with us for a chat? No matter who you are, we are here to feed you!